Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Pathetically General Description of Parks in Buenos Aires

There are tons of statues from the 18th and 19th centurys that honored the triumpth of conquistidors, but are now splattered with spray paint, dried urine and shit from flocks of birds which seem to be getting bigger by the day. The birds seem to like all of the old ladys who throw out handfulls of rice, or bread crumbs. The other day i saw a pigeon that was perched apon an old lady´s lap as she was petting it. it was very cute, and a little bit strange.

There are many parks here, and they are very precious since they have such a large versitility of uses. In the mornings they are frequented by elderly people who have dogs which they never clean up after after they shit on the sidewalk. By early afternoon all of the park benches are taken up by couples, of all ages, who make out all day long. After school there are children everywhere who play games with no particular structure that i can understand- one of which is a mix between soccer and frisbee and climbing a jungle gym. By the time that the sun sets, there are hookers all over the place, pickpockets and drug dealers. By midnight most of the parks are empty and if you decide to go hang out in one you have a good chance of getting robbed. The best time to go to a park in Buenos Aires is on a weekend. On the weekends all of the types of people who I have already mentioned are in the parks at the exact same time.

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