Saturday, November 3, 2007

Florida Avenue, Buenos Aires

Florida Ave. A group of people dressed as Native Americans
playing flutes over prerecorded drum and base electronic
music in order to sell an album that they apparently made.

A pedestrian street for hardcore shoppers who are always holding shopping bags that are full of clothing and knick-knacks, the crowds move at an annoyingly slow pace since nearly everybody on the avenue is looking to buy something. This is the only part of Buenos Aires that I get flustered, need to escape the head to head contest of mid-day traffic. Half of the people within the mass are trying to sell something. Mostly it is people who stake out spaces within the crowd and hand out businness-card sized fliers: free tanning salon sessions, fast-food discounts, business clothing, ready made vacations, hookers. The people with flyers for hookers are the worst. Usually he is an adolescent who has barely broken puberty, and he lays it on hard, he will not leave you alone until you walk two full blocks ahead with him at your side. He is attempting to be your friend, tells you why you need to go to a whorehouse, right now! It is only after you have ignored him, acted as if i did not speak english OR spanish, crossed a street, then he will leave you alone, will move onto the next person with more desperation.

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