Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lago Jacob

-Descending into Lago Jacob

-The pasta that we had for breakfast was warm and delicious

Ryan, Kacey and I were akoken by Chelsea who was screaming
¨Shit! Shit! Shit!¨because her and Nathan´s tent had been leaking all night long.

Nathan was nearly hipothermic. The tarp that we had put over our backpacks had blown off. Everything we owned was drenched.

We had to retreat to refuge in a a cabin that was full of 70-some grade school children. One of the women who worked there lit the fireplace and let us hang our clothes to dry.

Kacey immediatly immersed herself within the midst of screaming children. We took pictures as proof of her ¨students¨ in order to show her parents that she really did visit Argentina for the educaional opportunity.

Nathen was huddled, arms around his knees, shaking erraticly beside the fire with no warm clothes to wear.

Chelsea was wearing mall shoes.

Ryan had his mud-drenched sock hanging on a hot dog stick. He was holding it in a way that resembled a flag that had some sort of soft-felt pecular meaning, an invisable country that we claimed without intention of proving that it was real.

-Kacey and her ¨students¨

-Nathan nearly hypothermic and warming up with Mate

-One of Chelsea´s mall shoes that she went backpacking in

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