Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shoeless Joes

I am eating a cheeseburger at the only american bar in Buenos Aires. It took two hours to get here. There are 8 tvs, each is showing a different football game (American Football!) and i cannot get enough of these chatty businessmen who just finished closing a deal with Nike and Telephonica. I could not be happier for them, but frankly I dont give a shit. We are Detroit Lions fans. I am here to watch football. They are here to watch football. There is no place except for this bar. We are blabbermouths when the Lions score, a psychosis of nonsensical words. We give eachother five, but not five, this guy in the corner (perfect hair, skinny and tall) insists on giving ten, plus ten shots and also a kazoo. Erupting, we are members of a circus.

This happened at Shoeless Joes
Uruguay 1175, Buenos Aires